Tips and Tricks to Soothe Teething

Teething can be a difficult time for both babies and parents. As baby’s first teeth emerge, they can experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including pain, irritability, drooling, and sleep disturbances. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that can help soothe teething and make the process more comfortable for everyone involved. Tips and Tricks […]

Children’s Dental Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, a time when dental professionals and health advocates come together to promote the importance of good oral hygiene habits for children. The observance, which began as a one-day event in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1941, has since expanded to a month-long campaign that reaches millions of families across the United […]

How to Prepare My Child for the Dentist

Unfortunately, the dentist can be a scary place for children. Rest assured, parents, we do everything we can to make children feel at ease. They will be greeted by kindness and a smiling face when they walk through our doors. While we do our best to make the clinic an inviting place, there are things […]

Does My Child Need Braces?

As your child loses their baby teeth and they begin to look more and more like little adults, you may notice their permanent teeth appear crooked. Does this mean they need braces? Not always, but the best way to know is to bring them in for a consultation. However, some signs may indicate a need […]

Understanding Baby Bottle Mouth

Understanding Baby Bottle Mouth As a parent, you will undoubtedly face endless decisions and worries over your children. Sorry, but we are going to add one more concern to your list: baby bottle mouth, also known as baby bottle tooth decay or early childhood caries. Most infants are given a bottle at some point in […]

Cavity Prevention in Children

Getting children to brush their teeth can be a challenge, however, it’s one of the best ways to prevent cavities (tooth decay) from developing. The best time to start teaching your children the importance of tooth brushing is early – as soon as they begin to get their teeth. Question the importance of their baby […]

Baby Teeth Explained

February is Children’s Dental Health Month and it is the perfect opportunity to talk about baby teeth. There are many myths about baby teeth, such as, “They are going to fall out anyway so there is no point in taking care of them”. Yikes, this is a big myth we are here to bust. Let’s […]

Children’s Dental Health – Common Questions Answered

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so we have put a list together of the most common questions in regards to children’s dental health and the answers. When Do Babies Start Getting Teeth? While babies can be born with teeth, most babies will begin to get their teeth 6 months to 1 year of […]

Halloween Candy and the Effects on Your Children’s Teeth

Halloween is quickly approaching and you may have already noticed candy is everywhere! So, let’s take a moment to talk about Halloween candy and the effects on your children’s teeth…we all know that sugary sweets have negative effects on our smiles. These sugary sticky candies can lead to an increased risk of caries (cavities) especially […]

Tips for Making Brushing Fun for Kids

Do you struggle to get your children to brush their teeth? You are not alone! In fact, you may be all too familiar with the immense amount of time that goes into trying to coax your kiddos into brushing their teeth, taking the 2 minutes it takes to brush their teeth into an hour-long affair […]