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COVID-19 Protocol at Bassett Creek Dental

No Crowded Waiting Room

One of the new changes we have made to ensure safety is our patients are now required to call when they arrive, staying in their vehicle. Once we are ready, the patient will receive a phone call to come inside and be taken back to their exam room. This means you are never exposed to strangers while sitting in a waiting room.


We have always worn masks for procedures, but now we require our patients to wear a mask unless they are in the dental chair. Additionally, all staff is required to wear a mask at all times. Our staff wears N95 masks with an additional mask over the top for increased protection.


We have always had extremely high cleanliness standards. Between every patient, the rooms are fully disinfected by wiping down all surfaces and changing out all instruments used on patients. Our thorough cleaning process normally takes at least 10 minutes to complete and is non-negotiable, meaning it always gets done.


Wearing gloves is not new for us as dental professionals, but you will notice at your next visit that when we glove up we only touch clean surfaces such as our instruments and our patients.

Additional Personal Protective Equipment

Much of our staff now chooses to wear additional personal protective items such as face shields, gowns, surgical caps, and more.

Air Purifier

A new safety measure we have implemented is the installation of five air purifiers. These are large commercial-grade air purifiers designed to keep our staff and patients safe.

Questions About Additional Protocol?

We want our patients and staff to know that safety is always our number one priority and we will continue to go above and beyond to maintain the cleanest office. If you do have additional questions about protocol, cleaning, or anything else please feel free to give us a call: (763) 546–1301.