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Fun Facts About Your Teeth

Your teeth are important and we all know the basics of brushing twice daily, flossing daily, avoiding sugary/acidic foods and drinks, using a mouth rinse, drinking plenty of water, etc. But how much do you really know about your teeth? Below we have put together some fun facts that you maybe didn’t know about your teeth

Fun Facts About Your Teeth


Your teeth are covered in enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. Enamel is what gives your teeth their shiny white appearance and it protects the more delicate layers of the tooth, dentin, and pulp. Enamel is your first line of defense against tooth decay and once it erodes it does not come back. Therefore, it’s important to protect your enamel.

Four Types of Teeth

We have four types of teeth:

  • 8 Incisors – your front four teeth
  • 4 Canines – the sharp point teeth next to the incisors
  • 8 Premolars (bicuspids) – flat-surfaced teeth located in between the canines and molars
  • 12 Molars (including wisdom teeth) – the farthest back teeth
Each Type of Tooth Serves a Function
  • Incisors – cut food
  • Canines – tear food
  • Premolars – crush food
  • Molars – grind food
Teeth are like Fingerprints

Your teeth are unique to you, just like your fingerprints. Even your tongue as a unique print.

A Third of the Tooth is Under the Gumline

About a third of the tooth is not visible but located under the gumline.

Bacteria Filled

Your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria, approximately 200-300 different types.

10,000 Gallons of Saliva

The average person will produce approximately 10,000 gallons of saliva in their lifetime. This equals out to about one quart of saliva daily.

Teeth Cannot Repair Themselves

Unlike your bones which can heal themselves, teeth cannot. Meaning, once your teeth have been chipped, fractured, or decayed you must seek dental care.

200 Pounds of Pressure

Your teeth and jaws are strong. When you bite down you can exert 200 pounds of pressure.

Have More Questions About Teeth?

We love to talk about teeth. Be sure to bring all of your oral health-related questions to your next appointment.