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More Reasons to Smile – Spreading Kindness

Through our practice, we aim to give you more reasons to smile and we want to take that a step further by encouraging you to make others smile by spreading kindness the entire month of June.

Giving Others More Reasons to Smile by Spreading Kindness

Call a Friend or Family Member

We sometimes get stuck in a rut of only checking in with loved ones when we need something, so this month make it your goal to simply call to check-in and chat!

Pick up Trash/Litter

Be kind to the planet and aim to pick up trash/litter – leaving anywhere you go a little better than you found it.

Make a Donation

If you are financially able to, make a donation of dental supplies and other personal items that are needed at your local shelter. Many of these organizations have a wishlist of items needed so take a look and make your donation.

Avoid Negative Talk

Make it your goal to spread positivity. When you feel negativity begins to creep out of your mouth correct it by saying something positive instead.

Express Appreciation

Our lives are filled with amazing people so let them know it! Tell your dentist that they are amazing for example! (humor intended here) But seriously let your mail carrier know you appreciate them or your child’s teacher. We often appreciate others, but fail to verbally express that, so say it!


Simply smile. Your pearly whites may change the tone of someone’s day!

Spreading Kindness – Truly Endless Possibilities

With so much negativity currently in the world, it is more important than ever to show kindness and give others a reason to smile every day. Remember, the possibilities of being kind are truly endless and there are no rules! Get creative and make June the month to make others smile!