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Piercings and the Effects on Your Smile

Whether you are contemplating a lip, tongue, or some other kind of piercing in or near your mouth, you may want to reconsider. While you may like the look of these types of piercings, it is important to know that jewelry in or near the mouth may severely affect your oral health. Simply put, the appearance of these piercings may not be worth the risk.

Piercings and the Effects on Your Smile

Tongue, lip, and other oral piercings are strongly associated with the risk of damage to the teeth and gums. Additionally, these piercings may cause an increased risk of tooth decay and other oral infections.

Common Dangers of Oral Piercings

  • Chipped teeth – 47% of people with tongue piercings for four or more years have chipped teeth
  • Infections – this can occur in the location of the piercing or be systemic
  • Nerve damage
  • Gum damage
  • Ludwigs angina – a severe infection of the floor of the mouth and jaws
  • Endocarditis – a disease caused when bacteria enters the bloodstream and infects and weakens heart valves
  • Precancerous ulcers

These risks can be very mild to life-threatening.

Sanitation of Piercing Studios

Another common issue of oral piercings is the sanitation of the studios doing body piercings. Unknowingly you may be at risk of serious diseases like hepatitis, HIV, etc., if the piercing studio is not following strict sanitation protocols.

Sanitation of Piercing Studios

Oral Piercings are Not Worth the Risk

Simply put, oral piercings of any kind are not worth the risk. There are far too many serious complications that can arise and ultimately will lead to issues – whether significant or relatively minor. Especially considering there are no benefits to these types of piercings other than aesthetics, they are just not worth it.

If you have an oral piercing and are experiencing any issues, talk to your dentist and/or doctor. They can diagnose and advise the next best steps.