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Dental Care for Seniors: Managing Age-Related Dental Issues

Aging is a beautiful thing, as many of us get to not only watch our children become adults but also witness our grandchildren grow up. Our senior years bring a lot of exciting new adventures, like enjoying retirement. However, these golden years also bring about some new concerns. As we age, our bodies undergo many […]

How Vaping May Affect Your Oral Health

On a daily basis, we often get questions about how different lifestyle choices can impact oral health, and one topic that’s been coming up more frequently is vaping. While vaping is usually marketed as a safer alternative to smoking, it’s important to understand its potential effects on the body, specifically your mouth and teeth. What […]

Mental Health Awareness Month: The Critical Link Between Mental Health and Oral Health

Bassett Creek Dental – The Critical Link Between Mental Health and Oral Health

May marks National Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a lesser-discussed aspect of wellness: the connection between mental health and oral health. As a group of knowledgeable dentists, we’ve witnessed firsthand how mental health can significantly impact dental health, influencing everything from daily hygiene routines to more severe […]

The Surprising Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Wellness

Oral Health and Overall Wellness

Many people do not realize the impact oral health can have on the whole body. The mouth is a critical gateway to overall health. Understanding this connection can help us make informed decisions about our dental care and recognize the bigger picture that oral hygiene practices can have on whole-body health.  Oral Health and Overall […]

Join Our Team at Bassett Creek Dental: A Workplace Like No Other

Dental Hygienist working in the Bassett Creek Dental office

Are you a dental hygienist looking for a rewarding career in a supportive and dynamic environment? Look no further than Bassett Creek Dental! We’re currently hiring and would love to welcome dedicated individuals to our team. At Bassett Creek Dental, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care to our patients while fostering a positive and […]

Choosing the Best Toothpaste

Bassett Creek Dental - Choosing the Best Toothpaste

We all know by now that we should be brushing our teeth twice daily, but many of us wonder, what kind of toothpaste should I be using?  With countless options lining the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies, it’s understandable that selecting the right toothpaste can feel overwhelming. However, choosing the best toothpaste doesn’t have to […]

How Oral Health Affects Your Heart

Yes, we all know we should be brushing and flossing daily and getting in for our regular checkups, but what most  people don’t realize is that oral health can affect our overall health. Beyond just cavities and gum disease—it can affect your heart health too. Let’s delve into this vital connection and understand why taking […]

Convincing Stubborn Family Members to Visit the Dentist

Getting a family member or loved one to the dentist can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially if they’re particularly stubborn about dental care. Whether it’s fear, denial, or just plain procrastination, the reasons for avoiding the dentist can vary widely. However, oral health is too important to ignore, and sometimes, it falls upon […]

Understanding Baby Teeth and Tooth Loss

One of our biggest joys is beginning to treat our current patients’ children. There is nothing more exciting than that first appointment with patients we have been treating for years and now we get to begin seeing their children. Not only is that first visit exciting, but there are many other milestones coming your way […]

Understanding and Managing Dry Mouth

As dentists, we often encounter patients who struggle with dry mouth, a condition medically known as xerostomia. Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but can also have significant impacts on your oral health. Let’s dive into the causes, consequences, and effective remedies for dry mouth. What is Dry Mouth? Dry mouth occurs when the salivary […]