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Everything to Know About Dental Veneers

Has the imperfect appearance of your smile left you feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed to smile? You are not alone. Many of us struggle with a less than perfect set of pearly whites, leaving us to feel self-conscious. First impressions are everything and more than likely the first impression you will make is with your smile. A straighter whiter smile has the power to make you feel more confident in everyday life. An option for achieving this perfect smile is with dental veneers.

What are they?

Dental veneers are a wafer-thin custom-made shell applied to the front of a tooth or teeth.

What do they do?

Dental veneers can be used for a wide array of common aesthetic dental problems, which include: chipped, discolored/stained, misaligned, worn down, uneven or abnormally spaced teeth.

How do they feel/function?

Dental veneers function and feel just like your normal teeth.

What is the procedure like?

You can read, “Dental Veneers – Understanding the Procedure” to learn more about the procedure.

Can they be removed?

Dental veneers are a permanent solution to cosmetic dental issues, meaning they cannot easily be removed.

Can any dentist do this procedure?

You will always want to work with a cosmetic dentist with a proven track record of success, meaning ask to see previous dental veneer work.

Do you need to veneer all of your teeth?

No, you can choose to add dental veneers only to teeth needing some kind of correction.

Does the veneer cover the full tooth?

This really depends case by case and your dentist will make the recommendation if the veneer should cover the full front of the tooth or a portion of it.

Are they painful?

The procedure can produce some pain and soreness, however, you should always consult your dentist if you are experiencing abnormal pain or tenderness.

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