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Understanding and Alleviating Tooth Sensitivity

Understanding and Alleviating Tooth Sensitivity

Within our dental home here at Bassett Creek Dental we have seen countless cases of tooth sensitivity. We understand the discomfort and frustration it can cause, so we are here to shed light on this common dental issue, explore its underlying causes, and provide guidance on effective management and relief. Together, we can ensure your […]

Understanding Toothaches: Causes and Treatment Options

Understanding Toothaches

One of the most common dental issues many people will experience in their lifetime is a toothache. If you have had one before you know how painful they can be. A toothache has the power to interrupt your ability to complete normal daily tasks like going to work, chores around the house, etc. The pain […]

Dealing with a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents can lead to an unexpected dental emergency, like a chipped, broken or even the loss of a tooth. Whether it occurs during a sporting event, a fall, or even biting down on a hard object, a chipped or broken tooth can be a scary experience. However, with prompt action […]

Tips to Ease Your Fears of the Dentist

Tips to Ease Your Fears of the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is incredibly common. A survey conducted by Delta Dental found that 42% of Americans do not see a dentist as often as they would like because of anxiety or fear. That is almost half of the population. Avoiding the dentist due to fear may increase your discomfort at your next visit […]

More Than a Dental Clinic – Find Your Dental Home

Bassett Creek Dental Team

Like a primary care physician, most of the population will choose a dental clinic and remain loyal to that clinic for a significant period of time. A report by the American Dental Association found that the average dental practice has a patient retention rate of around 80%. That is a very high percentage of patients […]

Denture FAQs

You likely have questions if you have dentures or are preparing for dentures. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dentures and their answers explained in understandable terms. What are dentures? Dentures are a prosthetic designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They can be made of various materials, […]

Getting a Dental Filling – What to Expect

You have just received a routine tooth cleaning, and as the dentist examines your teeth and views your x-rays, you hear those dreaded words, “You have a cavity”. The dentist makes many people nervous, and having to come back for an additional procedure can increase that anxiety. However, you can feel rest assured that at […]

Understanding Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are snugly fit “cap” placed over the tooth. They are used for basic chewing functionality, speech, and aesthetics. Crowns are generally recommended in cases where the tooth has suffered severe decay and has extensive restorations. Therefore, dental crowns are used to cover and protect the remaining portion of the tooth. Additionally, they help […]

What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Implant

If you have received a consultation and your dentist confirms that a dental implant is right for you, it is now time to start preparing for the procedure. It is important to note that every situation is unique; the information below may differ for each patient. What to Expect Before Dental Implants During a consultation […]

Cosmetic Dentistry – Busting Some Common Myths

Whether we like it or not the first impression we make is generally based on our outward appearance. Much of the time this first impression is our smile. The power of a straight white smile can lead you to feel and act more confidently. Leaving a positive impression as you meet new people. Let’s take […]