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Getting a Dental Filling – What to Expect

You have just received a routine tooth cleaning, and as the dentist examines your teeth and views your x-rays, you hear those dreaded words, “You have a cavity”. The dentist makes many people nervous, and having to come back for an additional procedure can increase that anxiety. However, you can feel rest assured that at Bassett Creek Dental, we focus on patient comfort first.

Let’s put your mind at ease by describing what you can expect when getting a dental filling.

Cavities Explained

It is essential first to understand why you may need a filling. This type of dental treatment is used to do just that; it fills the tooth. Bacteria build-up on the teeth can cause decay, leading to dental caries and cavities. These are small holes created in the tooth; they are permanent and cannot be reversed. A primary way these are treated is with a dental filling.

Before the Procedure

You likely will be diagnosed with a dental cavity during your regular teeth cleaning visit. This will be determined by examining x-rays and an oral exam by the dentist. Your dentist will then refer you to set up another appointment to receive a dental filling.

During the procedure, our staff will put your comfort first. There are additional comfort options for anxious patients. If you know you experience dental anxiety, let our team know before your appointment so we can make the best accommodations for your comfort.

During the Procedure

We treat every patient uniquely, so each person’s experience will be a bit unique. However, during your visit, you can expect:

● Numbing the area with a local anesthetic

● Removal of decay

● Filling in the opening or hole with a tooth-colored material

● Checking the bite and adjusting if needed

● Scheduling a follow-up visit if needed

Getting a Dental Filling – What to Expect
After the Procedure

After receiving the filling, your dentist will instruct you with aftercare instructions. Fillings can last for many years, but they may need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Schedule Your Visit

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