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Children’s Dental Care at Bassett Creek Dental

Children’s Dental Care

There is nothing more enjoyable than getting to know our patients. We care about your lives outside the clinic, and it is fantastic not only seeing our patients but when our patients begin to bring their children in! It is such a fun experience to treat multiple generations.

So, first and foremost, yes, we do see children! We frequently hear that our patients take their children to a pediatric clinic. Why create the headache of having to go to more than one dental clinic? When asked why, we hear, “Oh, I didn’t know you saw children.” Yes, we see children and every other age. We treat everyone with no age minimum or maximum.

Why Children’s Dental Care at Bassett Creek Dental


As a parent, you are busy. Having to visit more than one dental clinic on multiple days is just an additional stress you can avoid. Make your life easier and bring the whole family to one clinic simultaneously. Plan ahead, and your entire family can make just one trip to the dentist.


You have already built a relationship with us. You know our staff, and we know you, let that relationship develop further by introducing us to your children. You know they will be in good hands.


We are experienced with working with people of all ages, but we understand that the dentist can feel scary. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you and your little one feel at ease at our clinic.


Okay, we get it. The dentist is not “fun,” but with our hilarious hygienists, you will find that the experience is as “fun” as the dentist can be.


We are a group of experienced professionals who know when to refer you elsewhere. You can feel rest assured that when needed, we will refer you elsewhere, but when possible treat everyone under one roof for your convenience.

New to Bassett Creek Dental?

If you are new to Bassett Creek Dental, we cannot wait to meet you, and yes, we are accepting new patients. Feel free to book online or give us a call to get scheduled.