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What are Dentures?

Dentures are a synthetic replacement for missing teeth. There are four types of dentures, which include:

  • Complete (full) dentures replace all missing teeth, gums, and tissues. Seniors are the most common candidates for complete dentures. In rare cases, young patients may also be candidates. This is only the case if they lost all of their teeth from an injury or severe tooth decay.
  • Partial removable dentures replace some missing teeth and can be removed at any time. 
  • Partial fixed dentures replace some missing teeth and can not be removed. 
  • Implant retained dentures provide an anchorage for the teeth to connect to when in the mouth, add retention from bone loss and are removable.

What to Expect When Getting Dentures

If your dentist has determined that dentures are a good fit for you the process will vary depending on the type of denture. However, in most cases tooth removal may be necessary. Once the teeth are removed the denture can be fitted. In most cases this will entail doing an impression of the teeth to fit the denture. 

If implants are involved the process will be a bit more complex. You can learn more about the implant procedure here.

Caring for Dentures

Just like your natural teeth, caring for your new dentures is extremely important. Care will differ depending on the type of denture, but in regards to removable dentures you should:

  • Brush and rinse them after eating
  • Clean your mouth after removing dentures
  • Brush the dentures daily
  • Soak them overnight to keep them moist
  • Rinse them thoroughly after soaking them in a denture cleaner
  • Avoid whitening products
  • Avoid hot water as it may warp the dentures
  • Continue to see your dentist for regular checkups

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