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Does My Child Need Braces?

As your child loses their baby teeth and they begin to look more and more like little adults, you may notice their permanent teeth appear crooked. Does this mean they need braces? Not always, but the best way to know is to bring them in for a consultation. However, some signs may indicate a need for braces that can help determine if a consultation is needed.

Does My Child Need Braces?

Early or Late Loss of Baby Teeth

When your child loses their baby teeth may indicate a need for braces. If baby teeth are lost too soon or too late, this may mean oral developmental issues which may need correction.

Improper Bite

If you have noticed your child’s bite does not appear quite right, this may also be a sign for intervention. Some common occlusion problems include:

  • Overbite – the front teeth jut over and do not correctly align with the lower teeth
  • Underbite – the lower jaw juts out and does not correctly align with the upper teeth
  • Crossbite – single teeth or numerous teeth may not align correctly, thinking of this as somewhat of a hybrid of an overbite and underbite mixed
  • Open bite – there is a gap between the upper teeth and lower teeth even when the mouth is fully closed


If your child’s teeth are crowding, this may demonstrate a need for a palate expander and other orthodontic treatments.

Does My Child Need Braces?

Thumb Sucking

Prolonged thumb sucking can affect the occlusion of teeth, generally creating an open bite. Prolonged thumb sucking is identified as thumb suckers passed the age of four.

Problems Chewing or Biting

As your child’s teeth permanent teeth begin to erupt and they start to have trouble biting down or chewing, you should seek treatment.

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Still trying to decide if your child needs braces? A trip to the dentist is the best way to find out, and we can help develop their treatment plan if orthodontics are needed.