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Does My Child Need to See a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric Dentist

Whether you are a new parent or are having another child, you may have questions about their oral health. Many parents often assume that a pediatric dentist is the best choice for dental care. While pediatric dentists specialize in providing oral care to children, there are several advantages to considering your regular family dentist for your child’s dental needs. 

Benefits of Seeing Your Regular Dentist Versus a Pediatric Dentist

Familiarity and Ongoing Care

Familiarity is a significant advantage of taking your children to your regular family dentist. Your family dentist already knows you, and we can speak firsthand; we cannot wait to meet your child! You already know your dental clinic well, so you can walk into the door in comfort and a sense of trust. You already know the clinic and know your child will be in good hands.

Not only do you already know us at Bassett Creek Dental, but your child can now grow up with a regular dentist they can plan on seeing for life. This means building a long-term relationship which can lead to better communication and understanding of your child’s needs for a lifetime.

Convenience of One Clinic for Your Whole Family 

You are a busy parent, and making multiple appointments at multiple clinics is just one more thing you don’t have time for. We get it! By choosing a regular dentist for your child, you can simplify your life by scheduling family appointments. One clinic and one visit for the whole family will save you time and less to keep track of.

Pediatric Dentist

Full Understanding of Dental History

If you do opt for a pediatric dentist, eventually, your child will have to make the switch to a normal dental clinic. This means a new dentist and a new environment. Versus, if you take your child to your family dentist from the start, they can continue to see the same provider for a lifetime. By seeing your child for their entire life, your dentist fully understands their dental history.

Cost and Insurance Benefits

Seeing your regular family dentist can also have some financial advantages. Pediatric dental specialists may charge higher fees due to their specialized training and equipment. Your regular dentist may offer more cost-effective options and be well-versed in dealing with insurance providers, ensuring maximum coverage for your child’s dental treatments.

A Time and Place to See a Pediatric Dentist

For routine dental care, a pediatric dentist is not required. However, there are certain circumstances where a visit to a children’s specialty dentist may be necessary. Your regular family dentist will make this recommendation when or if needed. 

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