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Enjoy Coffee Without Damaging Your Teeth

If you are a coffee lover, the idea of giving up your morning brew will not happen for the sake of your teeth. Don’t fret. You can still enjoy your morning cup of joe without sacrificing your smile. Coffee has many health benefits, but the reality is that it does cause damage and staining to the teeth.

Let us explain below why coffee can damage your teeth and how you can still enjoy it while lessening the adverse effects.

Why is Coffee Damaging to Teeth?

Coffee is, unfortunately, quite acidic. Acid is known to cause permanent damage to the enamel of the teeth. This damage can cause tooth sensitivity and lead to an increase in the risk of decay. Additionally, this wear and tear to the enamel can cause the dark color of the coffee to seep into the microscopic pores of the teeth leading to staining.

The other issue with coffee is that many do not enjoy an unsweetened cup of coffee but top it off with sugary additives like creamer. Adding sugar to your coffee increases your risk of decay and damage even further.

The time it takes to drink a hot cup of coffee is another reason it can negatively impact your teeth. The slower we sip at a drink, the more time it has to stay on the teeth and do damage. The way we sip coffee further increases the risk of staining as it makes direct contact with the front of your teeth.

Enjoy Coffee Without Damaging Your Teeth

Enjoy Coffee Without Damaging Your Teeth

While the best option is to switch from coffee to a better choice like green tea, we know that will not happen for many of us. Therefore, we have developed a list of tips to enjoy your coffee while decreasing the risk of damaging your smile.

  • Skip the sugar– adding sweeteners to your coffee increases your risk of decay. This includes creamers, which can contain extremely high levels of added sugar.
  • Switch to cold brew through a straw – this can help you drink it faster and avoid contact with the front teeth to decrease the risk of staining. Additionally, cold brew coffee may have slightly lower levels of acidity.
  • Wash down each sip with water – water helps wash away anything left on the teeth when drinking or eating.
  • Add unsweetened milk – lightening the color of your coffee may help prevent staining.
  • Eat more crunchy foods – crunchy foods like carrots can boost saliva production and scrub your teeth, acting as natural stain removers.
  • Wait 30 minutes – after drinking coffee, wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth. The reason is that the acidity in the coffee softens the enamel. If you brush immediately after drinking, you may further damage the enamel without knowing it.
  • Brush before drinking – sounds weird, but the plaque and food particles on unclean teeth are more susceptible to staining.

Enjoy Responsibly

If you are not ready to give up your morning cup of coffee start by making some changes that can help protect your smile. Also, remember that we offer in-house professional teeth whitening services to help turn back the clock.