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How to Prepare My Child for the Dentist

Unfortunately, the dentist can be a scary place for children. Rest assured, parents, we do everything we can to make children feel at ease. They will be greeted by kindness and a smiling face when they walk through our doors. While we do our best to make the clinic an inviting place, there are things parents can do to help children feel comfortable at the dentist’s office.

How to Prepare My Child for the Dentist

Allow Them to Come With to Your Visit

Show your child that the dentist is not a scary place by inviting them with you to your next cleaning. Have them sit in the room with you, and the hygienist can help answer any questions they have. You can also show them that you are not scared of the dentist and reassure them that there is nothing to fear.

Bring Them in to Say Hello

Bring your kiddo in just to say hi to our staff. Get them used to who we are. Allow that relationship to build between your dentist and child to show them that they are not someone to fear.

Talk to Them

Explain to your child before their visit what happens in the clinic. There are also online videos that you can watch together that help explain the process. When you know what to expect, that can make things a lot less scary.

Good Brushing and Flossing

If you are helping your child practice good brushing and flossing, their experience will be a breeze. If your child needs additional dental work such as fillings, this is where things can be a bit uncomfortable and reinstills the fear of the dentist.

Bring Them in Often

Regular visits to the dentist help keep their smile healthy, leading to easy cleanings, but it also helps them get to know the dentist and how nice they are. They may start looking forward to their visits.

We Look Forward to Seeing Them!

We pride ourselves in taking care of our patients from birth to advanced age. If you haven’t brought your children in to see us yet now is the time. We look forward to meeting them and providing care for a lifetime.