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Oral Health Benefits of Yogurt

We have all heard about the importance of eating a well balanced whole food diet and the amazing health benefits that this has on the body, but have you ever stopped to think about how the foods you eat impact your teeth and overall oral health? The foods we eat and beverages we drink can play a huge role in keeping a healthy smile. While the list of beneficial foods to our oral health is quite long, we want to talk about how amazing yogurt is for not only the body but for your oral health!

While many of us have probably heard about how beneficial yogurt is for the gut it is also a superfood for our mouth! This superfood is loaded with good living bacteria called probiotics. These living cultures may help to slow the growth of the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth and can help prevent bad breath. These cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth thrive in an acidic environment and yogurt counters this by balancing your mouth’s PH levels and creating a less desirable place for bacteria to thrive. Meaning, eating yogurt can help prevent tooth decay and lead to healthier teeth and gums.

Not only is yogurt loaded with probiotics, but it is also very high in calcium which can help keep your teeth strong. Calcium works by maintaining the density of your skeletal bones through years while your body is growing, meaning, children especially benefit from the calcium found in yogurt. In adult permanent teeth calcium can continue to help prevent tooth decay by keeping enamel strong.

What Kind of Yogurt is best for Your Oral Health

Remember not all yogurts are created equally. Many popular brands of yogurt are loaded with added sugars which can increase the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

When choosing a yogurt check the label for the following:

• Plain Yogurt

• No (or very little) Added Sugar

• Greek Yogurt – This type of yogurt contains the highest number of probiotics

Have more questions about food and beverages that may impact your oral health? Always feel free to ask questions during your next visit!