Sleep Apnea Mouthguards

A special oral device, like a mouthguard, can be used to treat mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea. A condition in which relaxation of the muscles around the tongue and throat causes the tissues to block airflow to the lungs while you sleep.

Like a mouthguard, a mandibular advancement device is custom-fitted to snap over the upper and lower dental arches. They have metal hinges that make it possible for the lower jaw to be eased forward. This prevents the tongue from blocking the throat and supports the jaw to prevent the airway from collapsing.

Benefits of an Oral Device to Treat Sleep Apnea

If your sleep physician and dentist determine an oral device is appropriate to treat your sleep apnea a custom-fitted device will be created. These oral devices are the preferred method of treatment as:

  • They don’t involve equipment like a CPAP machine
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to care for
  • Less invasive than surgical treatment
  • Lower cost than other treatments
  • Discrete
  • Compact and portable

Getting Fitted for an Oral Device

Once your sleep physician determines that an oral device is an appropriate treatment method you will be referred to a dentist. Your dentist will then create a custom fitted appliance by taking a mold of your teeth.

Caring for Your Oral Device

Like other types of mouthguards, it is important to regularly examine your oral device for wear, damage, or fitting issues. During your regular dental visits, you should also bring your device in to be examined by your dentist.

Additional tips to caring for your oral device:

  • When not using – keep it clean and dry
  • Rinse before and after each use
  • After use brush with toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Bring it in during your regular visits to be examined
  • Store and transport a sturdy container that has vents so it can dry and keep bacteria from growing
  • Never leave the mouthguard in the sun or hot water
  • Store away from pets

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