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Tips for Making Brushing Fun for Kids

Do you struggle to get your children to brush their teeth? You are not alone! In fact, you may be all too familiar with the immense amount of time that goes into trying to coax your kiddos into brushing their teeth, taking the 2 minutes it takes to brush their teeth into an hour-long affair – yikes!

Tips for Making Brushing Fun for Kids

When it comes to getting our children to do anything that can be seen as a chore, like brushing their teeth, it is important to turn it into a fun activity! Here are some simple tips to making brushing time more fun for kids!


Let your children pick a song that they can blast while brushing! Aim to have the song be at least two minutes long and that way they can move to the music while brushing.


When possible, aim to give your children choices about brushing time. Giving your child two choices can make them feel like that have a say or are helping to decide on brushing their teeth. Make sure to only give two options. These choices can include what toothbrush to use, which toothpaste to use, what song they want to play, etc.


Children need/love to be praised for positive behaviors, like brushing their teeth. Get a calendar that can be used to track


Create a routine with your children to aim to brush at the same time each morning and evening and have a set routine for what comes before and after brushing. Children need routine and simply having brushing fitting into a set routine can help encourage them to brush their teeth without a fight.

Still struggling to get them to brush? Please feel free to chat with your hygienist and/or dentist about more tips to getting your children to brush on your next visit!