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Use Your Dental Benefits Before You Lose Them

We know it’s only September, but now is the time to start taking a look at your dental benefits and what you still have available to use before the end of the year. Early planning is key to ensure you are taking full advantage of all of your benefits because they do not roll over to the next year. If you don’t use your dental benefits, you lose them.

Early planning is more important than ever. If you wait until the last minute there is a chance you will not be able to get an appointment before the end of the year, so now is the time to book your visit.

Why Use Your Dental Benefits?

You are paying for these benefits so why wouldn’t you use them? According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8% of people with PPO dental plan participants reached or exceeded their plan’s annual maximum. That’s a lot of dental benefits going unused every year.

How to Use Your Dental Benefits

This requires a little planning. You need to talk with your dentist about dental work you may need and then check with your insurance provider to ensure it is covered. Set a plan in advance with your dentist and do your homework to know what is covered.

How to Check What is Covered

Your dental clinic will not know what is covered by your insurance. You are responsible for checking with your dental insurance provider to know what benefits you have.

When do my Benefits Run Out?

For most dental insurance plans benefits reset on January 1st. Meaning, the benefits will run out on December 31st. However, plans may vary so be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Taking Action

Don’t wait until December to start thinking about unused benefits. Start planning today.