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Energy Drinks and the Effects on Your Teeth

Are you struggling to stay awake throughout the day and find yourself reaching for an energy drink? You are not alone. With the rise in popularity of these caffeine-packed drinks, almost 16% of the population has an energy drink weekly. We know these drinks contain high amounts of caffeine, which can give you that much-needed […]

Hidden Sugars – The Worst Foods and Drinks

It is no secret that sugar is damaging to our teeth, but did you know sugars lurk in many unexpected places? Below you will find our guide to hidden sugars – the worst foods and drinks. You may be shocked after reading how much sugar you are consuming unknowingly. Salad Dressing Salad is healthy, right? Yes, vegetables […]

Is Sugar Bad For My Teeth?

Sugar, so tasty, sweet, and satisfying, but have you ever wondered, “Is sugar bad for my teeth?” The short answer is yes. Sugar is fuel for bad bacteria and may lower the Ph in your mouth leading to tooth decay. Bad Bacteria in Your Mouth Bad bacteria found inside your mouth include; Streptococcus mutans and […]

Eating for a Healthy Smile – Best Foods for Your Teeth

We have all heard that sticky sugary foods can have negative impacts on our teeth, but what about the foods that are good for your teeth? Best Foods for Your Teeth Cheese Studies have shown that eating cheese can raise the pH level in your mouth, therefore lowering the risk of tooth decay. Cheese also […]

Top 3 Best and The Worst Thanksgiving Foods for Your Teeth

Thanksgiving is approaching! While many of us worry about our waistline during this time of year, we encourage you to think about your teeth as well! Many of the common Thanksgiving foods and dishes can stick to the teeth and gums and lead to an increased risk of decay. Best Thanksgiving Foods for Your Teeth […]